Hi! I'm Kyle Sherman. I'm a guy that likes to do stuff with people while trying new and exciting things at various places.

My main website is nullman. It covers many topics, most of which are computer related. I'm a huge fan of Emacs.

I also have a "not very often updated" blog site, nulldot.

Professionally, I'm a Software Engineer.

After being a Database Engineer for many years, I transitioned to Java development working for Dow Jones in 2006. When that project was completed in 2011 I switched gears again, this time getting into Android Development.

I briefly did some contract work before accepting a full-time position at BuzzFeed in 2011, where I've been happily developing their BuzzFeed Android Application ever since. Now I lead a team of seven developers that work on various Android applications.

More details are on my (pre-BuzzFeed) resume.